Thinking Of Staff Augmentation Despite Covid

Using staff augmentation is traditionally used when companies are looking for specific people to temporarily bolster their ranks to develop a project instead of a full team. With staff augmentation you maintain control over your projects, including how they are done and when they are delivered. This allows you to keep the quality standards of your organization for every project that is done. With outsourcing, you are required to hand over the entire project to an external entity to handle it. That means this entity will have control over how the project is done and bear all the risks involved, presenting disadvantages for businesses.

Since you’re working with third-party personnel, more oversight will be required on part of the company. It will be imperative to ensure that no trade secrets or confidential information can be misused by the people who are contracted for the work. Now that the resource gaps have been identified and new people have been brought in, it’s imperative that they’re onboarded properly. Onboarding refers to outstaff team a lot of the legwork that must be done in order to ensure that the actual work on the project can proceed smoothly. A Gartner poll revealed that 48% of the employees are likely to work remotely at least part of the time post-Covid-19 versus 30% before the pandemic. Lack of flexibility if your outsourcing contract proves too intractable to accommodate changes to the project or the business function.

We also offer Fractional CTO and Recruitment suites, and our experts can work alongside your team to identify the best combination of tools and solutions to meet your specific needs. There are other wrinkles and complications your company should consider along the way, such as when or how you plan to terminate your engagement with augmented staff. A more fully fleshed-out strategy prior to augmentation leads to simpler decisions during and afterward. There is a large quantity of skilled applicants, but finding true quality is difficult. In 2018, for example, there were approximately double the amount of tech applicants per hire, on average, than there were applicants per hire in any other job field studied. Staff augmentation can be a blessing, particularly for the IT industry.

What is staff augmentation services

This increases the probability of fast hiring of the appropriate candidate by the augmentation organization. Recruitment could be monotonous, which can occupy months, mainly when looking for candidates with upper-level and unconventional abilities. Continue with the ongoing support for the new staff, even after the end of the integration phase. You need to make sure you are comfortable and easily integrated into the company culture. Find and assess all the candidates that are eligible as per your requirements through interviews and tests. Initiate the search process after clearly reviewing the requirements.

Interview — after the customer approves the CVs, the selected specialists have to pass the tech interview to check their skills. Sometimes interviews are divided into two stages — with the CTO and then with the CEO or product owners. Sometimes interviews are divided into two stages – with the CTO and then with the CEO or product owners.

Specifically, the most popular staff augmentation hubs are Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and India. For instance, Eastern Europe has become a powerful IT hub due to a significant amount of qualified tech talent, low taxes, and government support for the IT sector. Since most staff augmentation companies have branches around the world, you can have access to a larger pool of talent and not be limited to your area. This lets you hire specific or niche skills quicker and fulfill your requirements on time. Staff augmentation is a good solution for companies to reduce operating costs while maintaining productivity as much as possible. But before taking advantage of this service, you need to understand the definition of staff augmentation and its respective pros and cons.

Making Your Decision: Staff Augmentation Pros And Cons

Recruiting in-house IT experts typically takes a lot of time, especially if you need middle/senior-level developers or rare specialists like Scala devs or Big Data engineers. But such an approach may not work if your project requires a teamplayer as soon as possible. IT staff augmentation is a practical solution for companies that need access to a flexible IT support source as projects come and go. The outsourcing company will simply determine your needs and present qualified candidates for the job.

If your company hires in-house IT staff, you’ll need to dedicate time to managing IT projects. To properly supervise IT functions and keep everything on schedule, a project manager will likely need a working knowledge of the project itself. Rootstrap acts as the official employer, handling human resources issues, taxes, payroll, and employee benefits, so you don’t have to.

Working for one customer and promoting their grand plan instills higher motivation and dedication. The goal of the exercise is to handle staffing requirements with an existing set of talents. It has been estimated that staff augmentation as an industry will reach $45 billion in 2015. Staff augmentation is used to outsource specific tasks and functions .

  • Software engineers hold the skills that demand training, time, and experience to be experts.
  • The question is whether staff augmentation is the right approach to solving this problem.
  • As a result, you know who is working on the project and how it’s being done.
  • Today, a lot of companies opt for staff augmentation services because of many good reasons, which are cited below; one being millennials demanding more flexi working hours.
  • It’s a strategy for filling personnel or skill gaps on a temporary or as-needed basis.

These are online platforms that offer immediate access to independent workers. It’s commoditized skill-based that is best for task-based requirements for more commoditized skillsets. It’s a commodity type, which is best for highly-commoditized labor requirements where the cost is low, and the scale is significant.

In short, you enjoy all the benefits of accessing the talent you need while paying a flat rate to the agency. An agency will often be the right choice for your staff aug needs, but it ultimately depends on what you think of their cost/value proposition. If the money it charges is worth convenience, outsourced administration and the promise of high scalability, then hire through an agency.

Make Hire Developers Feel Like Your In House Team

You’ll have to ensure that your management team is ready to deal with augmented staff members by repurposing managerial resources as needed, or even office space as you bring in temporary hires. Below are some basic guidelines that can help navigate the decision-making process between staff augmentation, project outsourcing, and a hybrid approach. Developing in house capabilities to complete this growing number of IT projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the IT needs of an organization are constantly changing. That’s why we’re seeing a consistent rise in businesses leveraging outside services to complete these needs. While there are many roles that can be filled through staff augmentation, developers and IT experts are the number one type of talent hired through this method. Accounting and HR positions are other roles commonly sought through staff augmentation companies.

What is staff augmentation services

So, their efficiency level would be higher than in an outsourcing team that can manage several projects simultaneously. This is another reason why IT staff augmentation services are beneficial to use. Since managed IT services cover both IT functions and project management, the cost of handing over your technical processes to an IT firm may be higher than outsourcing through staff augmentation. A typical use case for staff augmentation is when a company identifies a pressing, short-term need for highly skilled work for a special project. There may not be sufficient time to recruit, train, and onboard new staff, and outsourcing the project relinquishes your control over it. It’s a strategy for filling personnel or skill gaps on a temporary or as-needed basis.

How Could This Hiring Model Help Your Company?

The local team usually has a lot of knowledge about the project, which is extremely important. However, the projects are highly varied, and a given company rarely has the appropriate class of specialists. On the other hand, the cost and time of recruiting an internal team can be enormous. Managed IT service can support your business by delivering significant cost savings and value. However, before contacting a company that provides managed IT services, it is important to determine if… Since most staff augmentation companies use resources from around the world, they are able to provide personnel at a significantly lower cost.

For IT organizations or start-ups, resource augmentation brings flexibility as they can add more resources in just a matter of a few days if any unexpected workload is looming ahead. Hiring as well as retaining skilled IT talent has always been a challenge for companies. Resource Augmentation provides the most adequate resources at the right moment for immediate working with start-ups, mid-tier, and large enterprises and meeting all your project objectives. The presence of expert development staff in your team helps you to cope up with growing online competitiveness. Their expertise enables you to beat the hardships that arise due to changing market trends. The right IT resources leg up you to provide the customers with a matchless user experience and elevate customer satisfaction.

What is staff augmentation services

CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider who accelerates the business value of your Salesforce investment through consultation, digitalization, and innovation. With project-specific hiring, companies can welcome new ideas and concepts to enhance their business operations. However, with resource augmentation in place, the businesses are still in charge of execution and management and have the power to take the final call. In all likelihood, the biggest and the most apparent benefit of hiring a remote team is cost savings. The organizations are also rewarded with the flexibility to grow or cut down the augmented team as and when required. If you’ve decided that staff augmentation is the way forward, now you need to find a partner that can provide the kind of talent that you’re looking for.

In a survey from Statistics Brain, 44% of American companies polled said reducing expenses was their primary reason for selecting the project outsourcing model. If your in-house employees are not great with technology and you don’t have appropriate management processes and procedures in place, it’s better to outsource. If your company is technology-focused, it can probably control workflow and development processes. And if you have well-established processes and managers to handle the remote team, then staff augmentation can be a good choice.

Has successful development work, but is worried that customer service will suffer. Has just signed a new client, but current staff is already working overtime. Both outsourcing strategies are fairly new, sometimes confused one for the other. The delivery of the product is the responsibility of the client and his team. The IT Staff Augmentation may significantly influence your company and improve performance if done correctly.

Identify Talent Requirements

This means in the case of turnover an outsourcing company is motivated to fill the position with an internal or external team member as quickly as possible. Companies that have a tight deadline and need to maintain day-to-day core business IT management during the completion of the project may benefit from IT project outsourcing. We follow one very simple principle – our developers and your time zone.

How To Choose The Right Staff Augmentation Model?

This is where IT staff augmentation need arises, as it’s not easy for businesses to take care of their staffing requirements and manage their business at the same time. Sure, there might be an in-house HR department and all to meet their staffing requirements, but IT staff augmentation services is a different ball game altogether. You can hire developers with expertise in specific technologies to manage particular tasks on a contractual basis and thereby augment the team’s overall capacity. We also provide flexible IT staff augmentation services regardless of how many specialists you need.

Tap Into Experience

This hiring model is easily scalable, which means it’s damn easy to end this sort of partnership despite terminating an employment contract. With staff augmentation services, our in house development team becomes an integral part of your team. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need.

It Staff Augmentation, A Brief Introduction

They may utilize their own personnel, or work alongside yours, but you relinquish control over them. For companies seeking solutions to their staffing pain points, one puzzling area may be working through what is considered staff augmentation and what falls into other categories. Making the best choice depends on understanding key similarities and differences between your options. For many companies, these difficulties were only exacerbated by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. For others, however, the “new normal” of remote and flexible staffing opened up new opportunities.

They will then be able to make suggestions about the resources that will be most relevant to your project. Resource augmentation means obtaining temporary resources to supplement your internal, permanent resources. This generally refers to hiring and in that regard is exactly the same as staff augmentation.

The term resource augmentation may be used in a broader sense than staff augmentation, which is the only difference between the two options. When you outsource a project, the entire project work gets transferred to the agency. That’s not the case with IT staff augmentation; though the professionals are hired from out, the control remains within the company. This helps the company give shape to the project in their desired way. You may hire a single person to be a web developer, using a site such as Upwork.

For example, if an app update needs to be sent out rapidly, additional developers can be brought on quickly to complete the work in the shortest amount of time possible. Your company can maximize its control over staff augmentation by working directly with temporary workers. By hiring on a contract or gig basis, you can avoid the need to pay benefits and access the labor you need for as long as you need it.

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